Light Up the Night— Saturday August 24th from 6:30PM-10PM

ARTS on the AVENUE — Sunday August 25th from 10AM - 4PM

Welcome to Arts on the Avenue

Welcome to our 21th Annual Arts on the Avenue!  We are celebrating art, all kinds of art, on August 25th, 2019.   It all takes place on First Avenue Ladysmith where over 55 artists gather early on Sunday morning with coffee in one hand and original art in the other, ready for you.  This festival is an art collectors dream.  Wander the street and see what artists have brought this year. From original paintings, jewellery, fabric art, carving, native art and more, you will not be disappointed.  The air is filled with music, the streets are lined with art and there is a kids art space where young artists create their own one-of-a-kind work to take home.  Make sure you visit the artisan food tents and our very own community tents to find out what's happening in Ladysmith.

This years guest artist:

Laurel Hibbert

Growing up in Lachine Quebec, along the St. Lawrence river, I spent my childhood as the last of five children, in almost complete freedom and joy. I believe these carefree days allowed me to develop an imagination that has carried me through life. I had parents that allowed messes and experiments. I grew up on stories told by my grandmother of her childhood in the prairies and found myself overwhelmed by the beauty of these lands when I saw my first wheat field. My heart is tied forever to little houses, strong women and their daily tasks and the sheer vitality of children.

I am grateful that I can capture some of these feelings in my images. I am untrained but not, I think, unskilled. I hope that my work can lift the spirits of those who see them.

La-Gallierie 30x30 blur mirror print

La-Gallierie 30x30 blur mirror print

 pictured - Laurel Hibbert

 Road Closure Notice

1st Avenue will be closed from Buller Street to Warren Street starting on Saturday, the 24th of August at 12:00pm until Sunday August 25th at 7:30pm. We appreciate you parking on the east side of First Avenue during these times to avoid any accidents and help with the set up/take down process.

No dog sign.png


 Bylaw 1155 No Pets

We love to spend time with our dogs and we like to take them everywhere!

Arts on the Avenue are anticipating over 6,000 people this year.  For the safety of all involved please leave your dogs at home this year.  We don’t want them to be frightened, stepped on, or suffer from the hot pavement. We are sure they would rather be at home on the couch watching Scooby Doo. Thank you.

All the action takes place on:

Buller to Warren on First Avenue Ladysmith, BC


MARINA LATULLIPPE: Over 21 years ago Marina Latullippe and a wonderful crew of artists had a vision for Ladysmith. Why not start an outdoor art festival. And so began Arts on the Ave. It was Marina’s legacy to Ladysmith. We are very sad to announce the passing of , Marina Latulippe, on the morning of September 29, 2018. She was driving back from a hike on Simpson Hill in Bayside with our dog, Lennie. 

Marina was an outdoor enthusiast, passionate about healthy nutrition, devoted to animal welfare, and a loving wife for 32 years. She will be greatly missed by her family and everyone who loved her.  1966-2018

We thank Marina for all she did while living in Ladysmith, you are missed!