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Meet Coco Jones! - Upcoming Guest Artist for Arts on the Avenue Festival 2022

I inhabit in a town trying to overcome its ugly name in a picturesque valley on Vancouver Island. I am one of those people that's inner child gets to run rampant through their existence. Musical beats travel from the base of me feet and fly out my hand, as paint splats from the brush to the canvas, in deliberate disorder. 

Serious health set-backs keep my life in perspective. That I can do anything that I do–do, is a bloody miracle! I find it a tremendous honour to be a creative at this time in our evolution, and I will do everything in my power to always serve as an expression of light and love, and occasionally humour. 

Catch Coco's wok at this years Arts on the Avenue! 

Coco Jones Photo

Coco Jones – photography by Kurt Knock


Stitching Myself Back Together – by Coco Jones

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