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 Arts on the Avenue Festival 2024
Sunday August 25, 10 AM - 4 PM

Guest Artist Harold Allanson


Harold Allanson, SFCA, TWSA, has cultivated a lifelong passion for drawing and painting, a journey that reached its full bloom upon his early retirement twenty years ago. Since then, he has allowed him the freedom to dedicate several hours each day to his art practice, allowing his artistic expression to flourish.

Drawing inspiration from his diverse life experiences, Harold's realistic watercolors serve as poignant reflections of the people, landscapes, and moments that have left an indelible mark on his soul. Whether it's the rugged beauty of British Columbia's West Coast, the vast ranch lands of the interior where he spent his formative years, or the countless miles traversed during his thirty-five-year career as a long-haul trucker, Harold's paintings resonate with a profound authenticity born from firsthand knowledge and observation.

What sets Harold's work apart is its bold realism, characterized by strong composition, vibrant colors, and masterful use of light—a departure from the traditional conventions of watercolor painting. Through his art, Harold seeks not only personal fulfillment but also aims to evoke joy and connection in those who engage with his creations.

Harold's passion for art remained unwavering. He pursued learning opportunities voraciously, including a stint at the Chicago School of Arts, before ultimately finding his artistic voice in watercolor—a medium he has since made uniquely his own.

Harold Allanson Art 2.JPG

Along the Bow 21"x 29”  Watercolour,  depicts a shallow stretch of the Bow River that collects trees and assorted bits of debris during springs yearly high-water run off a few miles east of Banff Alberta. $2600

Harold's dedication to his craft has garnered recognition and accolades, including occasional monetary awards and numerous exhibitions across the United States and Canada. Yet, his greatest satisfaction comes from sharing his art with his family, leaving them with treasures of value and meaning.

Still Water 21”x 28” Watercolour is a small river I came across one fall that caught my eye as summer had passed and it was peacefully waiting for winter.  $2600

As he continues his artistic journey, Harold remains committed to growth and exploration, imparting wisdom gleaned from his own experiences to aspiring artists. For Harold, the essence of a painting lies in its mastery of value and composition—fundamental principles that transcend any specific technique or medium.

Asked if he has advice for beginning artists, he said, "You’re not an artist until you’re willing to call yourself one.” He says

that even if you’re not doing wonderful stuff, it’s important not to give up. While you’re searching for the right technique or expression type, it will find you. “In my opinion, the most important elements in a painting are value and composition. As for colours and colour coordination, that's an artists personal choice”.

Experience Harold Allanson's captivating artwork firsthand at the Arts on the Avenue festival on August 25, 2024 from 10 AM - 4 PM , where he will be featured as the Arts Council of Ladysmith and District's honored artist. For those eager to delve deeper into his artistic insights, Harold invites you to join his upcoming workshop in September— an opportunity not to be missed for any aspiring artist seeking inspiration and guidance.

Learn more about Harold here:

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